My greetings of an annual sort to you

From Eric Porcher


The winter season brings an annual rhythm and frequency.  At the end of each cycle I am inclined to shrink back like a tree and its leaves (I live in the Northern Hemisphere), I reinforce for the winter, and I take a more considered viewpoint.  Appreciation and respect for fellow human beings grows.

The season is intense, and can be difficult and unpleasant.  But intensity brings focus.  And in our search for the essential we discover beauty.  It is a time of colour in a darkened season.

Beauty is in the faces surrounding us, and it is found in this glorious planet on which we find ourselves.


When I was a teen my father framed a copy of Max Ehrmann's, Desiderata, and hung it in our home for his family and others to see.

Many years later, in 2006, I heard a song that so penetrated my soul that if I could hang a song upon my wall before my children, this would be it.  The song is Daande Lenol by Baaba Maal.

If you have a good internet connection you can hear the entire song for free, streaming online at the BaabaMaal MySpace page.  Just look for the song Daande Lenol at:

I cannot verify that this MySpace page is authorized by Baaba Maal, although I am attempting to do so. 

Baaba Maal's website is,

More about Baaba Maal here, including recent news and my brief reviews of his CD Lam Toro and of his 2006 concert in Victoria, BC.


I grew up celebrating Christmas. It gets colder here in Canada, and many people celebrate with lights, decorations, words, songs, and gifts.  Some of us celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I now celebrate also that you across the planet, or next-door to me may have other celebrations and observances.  I respect that.  I celebrate our differences and find beauty in this life that is common to us.

One gift each of my children will receive is Baaba Maal's CD, Lam Toro. 


Baaba Maal is from Senegal, across the planet from me.  When he's right-side-up, I'm upside-down.  Should we be at odds?

Here are his lyrics:

"...My friend who works for peace,
Wherever you are, I salute you..."


My friend across the globe who looks for peace, I salute you.

I answer this beautiful call from afar.  I hold it high and extend it onward.


Light, love, peace

to you


Eric Porcher
December 2006




















(1024 x 768 wallpaper)

About the image
It's the top of a tall dead tree in Victoria, behind the old winery on Quadra Street. 

Photographer's request
If you can safely avoid cutting down a dead tree, please do.





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